Black Brigade members will seek to endure through his combat capability and readiness to fight courageously, despite personal convictions or indifferance. He will remain true to the Black Brigade despite disagreement, and fullfill his mission and task within his unit and the 666th through good and bad times.


Members of Black Brigade will always go to the aid of his fellow member when they need his help or depend on him.

The fellowship of Black Brigade members is their bond as comrades in arms. It is their unwavering commitment to each other, their readiness to extend appropriate assistance , to go to the aid of a comrade, In all their actions they will uphold and strengthen the solidarity of their unit in full cooperation with other units, and in support of the overall goals of the Black Brigade.


Black Brigade members will execute completely and successfully all that is required of him according to the letter and spirit of his orders and within the framework of the SOP’s of the Black Brigade.

The discipline of Black Brigade members is their readiness to act to the full extent of their abilities, to carry out what is demanded of them completely, according to their understanding of the orders they have received, and successfully, according to the spirit of their orders. It is their readiness to obey orders amidst a constant striving to execute them with understanding and dedication.


Black Brigade members will act with complete dedication in the defense of the Black Brigade and its members, according to orders.

The loyalty of Black Brigade members is their dedication, in all actions, to their unit, the Black Brigade, its members, and their constant readiness to fight and devote all their power and substantial available time, in the participation of Black Brigade operations and events.

Personal Example

Black Brigade members will comport himself as is required of him and will, himself, act as he demands of others, thoughtfully and dedicatedly, aware of his ability and responsibility to serve as a role model to those around him.

The personal example of the Black Brigade member is his acting as is demanded of him and as he himself demand of others, his clear and convincing readiness to serve as an example to those around them, in his actions and comportment, to create, uphold and foster mutual identification and joint responsibility in properly carrying out his tasks and accomplishing his missions in all areas of Black Brigade Operations.


The Black Brigade member will aspire to be familiar with and understand the body of knowledge pertaining to his military position and will master every skill necessary for carrying out his duties.

The professionalism of Black Brigade members is their ability to correctly perform their duties through striving to constantly excel in and improve their unit’s and their individual achievements. They will do so by broadening their knowledge, and increasing proficiency, based upon the lessons of experience and study of the heritage and by expanding and deepening their understanding of the body of military knowledge.


The Black Brigade member will constantly see himself as a representative and an emissary of the 666th. As such he will act solely on the basis of the authority he has been given and orders he has been issued.

The representativeness of Black Brigade members is their consciousness, expressed in all their actions.


The Black Brigade member will see himself as an active participant in the operation of his unit, its members and that of the 666th as a whole. He will carry out his duties decisively, resolutely and with vigor, within the limits of his authority.

The responsibility of The Black Brigade is their active partnership and their readiness to use their utmost abilities in the operations of the Black Brigade, its policies, its members, within the framework of authority granted them by the They will carry out their duties fully, diligently, and with determination, commitment and initiative, in clear awareness that they are answerable for not only for any consequences , but also for the patterns of behavior which they help to create, whether by order or personal example, by direct or indirect influence, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

The Black Brigade member will hold himself responsible for the outcomes of his orders. He will support those who have acted in accordance with those orders or as is proper, and will view himself as responsible for the patterns of behavior which he imposed.

The Black Brigade member will strive in all his actions to fulfill his duties correctly and at the highest professional level, from exacting and thorough preparation through to true, honest, complete and precise reporting.

The trustworthiness of The Black Brigade members is their reliability in fully carrying out their charge, using their combat skills, with the sincere belief and conviction that they are acting professionally. They are ready at all times to present things as they are, in planning, executing and reporting truthfully, completely, courageously and honestly.

Respect & Duty

The Black Brigade member will maintain the tradition of the Black Brigade by showing honor and respect for its rules and regulations, its SOP’s, ranking officers and his fellow members, and will promote esprit de corps.
The Black Brigade member will support his unit and its commanders in every way necessary to fulfill the unit’s missions and organised events. The serviceman will obey his commanders and maintain respect for his commanders, peers and subordinates.

The Black Brigade member will never conspire to conceal any offense or mishap, and will not entertain any proposal to be party to such a conspiracy. When confronted with an offense or mishap, the serviceman will act as is reasonable and proper to correct the aberration.

The Black Brigade member will act fairly with self-control, reasonably, and professionally, in carrying out the responsibilities of his position.

The Black Brigade member will make use of his military authority or status, whether command or professional, solely for the benefit of the 666th. He will never use his military authority or status improperly to advance a personal objective, or to go beyond the limits of his authority and responsibility, in letter or spirit, within or without the 666th.


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