The HQ serves to coordinate all functions of the 666th as a whole, its squads, the website, and all members of the 666th and its units. A detailed list of functions these members perform may be found within the Command Functions SOP.

To make it easier to coordinate air and ground operations, two S3 OPS Commanders are assigned to the Black Brigade HQ. One for OPS-A (Air Operations) and one for OPS-G (Ground Operations).

These two officers report directly tp the BB Executive Officer (XO). They are directly responsible for all current squadrons/units or the incorporation of any new squadrons/units within or into the 666th. (TACOPS)

All squad/unit CO’s (Commanding Officers) report to them.

Within each squad/unit its CO is also in charge of his/her squad/units Operations (S3). Each squad or unit also has its own Personell Officer (S1 – in charge of recruitment/squad roster). The XO in every squad or unit performs this function.

Intelligence (S2) functions within every squad or unit is handled by their 2nd in Command (2IC).

The Company Sergeant Major (CSM) in every squad/unit is in charge of Liaison (S4). They will represent the squadron “publically” where needed and does this in cooperation with their CO. On “regimental issues,”, disputes, morale issues, order and discipline, the CSM’s report directly to the Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) without having to go via his 2IC or CO. The CSM’s therefor form part of the RSM’s team.



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