The smallest unit in our ground units is a section. Sections are based on a buddy buddy system of 2 men. Section Leaders normally rank as one-liners (Lance Corporals), with promotion to Corporal later.


Four Sections make up a Team (numbering 8). Teams are commanded by a team leader ranking as a Sgt, or later Staff Sergeant. His 2IC is a Corporal. These two make up the command section, who coordinates team training, and command the team in combat.

So in a Team you have for example;
Command Section
Assault Team/Section
Squad Support Section/Assault team
Sniper Team/Section

(2)(2)(2)(2) ——-> = 8 TOTAL


Two Teams (8×2) make up a Squad (16). Squads are commanded by a 2-man Command Section with one officer (2nd.Lt) and a senior NCO (Staff Sergeant) as his 2IC.

(8)(8)(2) ———-> = 18 TOTAL

Unit HQ Section

Squads are under control of the HQ Section, numbering 4 – The CO, his 2IC, the XO and the CSM. So a full Unit (or Squadron) would number;

(18)(4) ———-> = 22 TOTAL. To be called ‘A‘ Squadron.

If the unit continuous to grow; – B, C and D Squadrons could be formed as required to total a MAXIMUM of;

(18)(18)(18)(18)(4) ———-> = 76 TOTAL

Ranks and Responsability


  1. Commanding Officer CO
  2. Executive Officer XO
  3. 2nd In Command 2IC
  4. Squad Leaders SL’s


Non Commisioned Officers (NCO’s)

  1. Company Sergeant Major CSM
  2. Team Leaders
  3. Section Leaders SL’s


Commanding Officer [CO]

Commanding Officers are in charge and responsable of their squad, it’s website and its members. He does this by delegating tasks and procedures. The CO is also responsable for the actions and failures of the squad and its members. In the Black Brigade, CO’s carry the rank of CAPTAIN.

It is the duty of the CO to be familiar with ALL 666th SOP’s and to ensure that his command staff are introduced to SOP’s and they implement them.

Commanders are responsible for everything their command does or fails to do. However, commanders subdivide responsibility and authority and assign portions of both to various subordinate commanders and staff members. In this way, a proper degree of responsibility becomes inherent in each command echelon. Commanders dele-gate sufficient authority to each soldier in the chain of command to accomplish their assigned duties and hold them accountable for their actions. The need for a commander or staff officer to observe proper channels in issuing instructions or orders to subordinates must be recognized.

Squad XO’s

Squad Level XO’s generally perform the administrative functions of the squad. The XO is responsable for coordinating recruiting, and squad match coordination. He is also in charge of maintaining or delegating the maintenance of the squads website. He will continually check that squad members have applied and updated their information in the TACOPS system, and that new members have been added to the squad databases.

Squad XO’s may act as the 2IC of the squad in the absence of the CO, and will do so in coordination with the 2IC.

So you want or have rank huh? Ask yourself this question. Apart from the “apparent status” it brings you – what DO YOU DO to deserve that rank? OK so you are consistently at every practice – WOW !! That is why we have a medal/award for that.

Let me tell what you WILL be doing for that rank.

Team Leaders

  • You are answerable to what your team or members do.
  • You will motivate your team, schedule training sessions, deal with absentees.
  • You will post all scheduled trainee missions in CURRENT OPS – every time.
  • You will have after training team talk to discuss what went wrong, what can be improved on.
  • You will POST a weekly report EVERY WEEK before Wednesday about what your team did that week.
  • You will recruit if needed, replacements to keep you team size to 4.
  • Your ability to do the above will be monitored by me, and the CSM, and you will be judged accordingly.


  • You are in charge of your team.
  • You will make sure your team uses correct and effective radio communications.
  • You will COMMAND your team, AS a team, with specific objectives in mind.
  • You will consistently analyze the combat situation and direct your team to deliver effective results.
  • You will move and place supporting/covering fire/your sniper to deliver observation and results.
  • You will analyze the type of game/the nature of the enemy squad/lag etc and instruct your team to fight and equip themselves accordingly.
  • You will communicate or assign somebody to communicate with the other Delta team Leader to best concentrate and coordinate defensive or offensive operations – consistently.
  • You will pass down orders from whoever is in charge of the specific mission, to your team and carry them out – despite your opinion.
  • If you feel your opinion is tactically more sound – you will relay them to the Mission Controller.
  • You will lead by example – not by showing off –


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