bad monkey, bad monkey … uhm ok we’re back – lets finish this sucker off.

Part 3

  • This is where you will or should get excited. In LE when you browse the Vehicles list you will for the first time see your new model in the list. Hell what a good sight indeed. Shoot the monkey and drop the pilot.
  • Under the Parent section on the right (see pic below), next to the Normal button, change the Parent ID (in this case the old Parent ID is 2132)
  • I am going to change that to my new Parent ID (which is 3800 in my example).
  • Click on Update.
  • This is where those who did not write things down normally start to panic. In the First Part of this tutorial, when you originally added the new LOD into LE, I asked you to write down the LOD and Parent ID’s – remember this screen (see 2nd picture below)



  • In the screen below I have changed the template Parent ID to my new Parent ID (3800) which contains the reference to the actual LOD model.

  • If you click on the Normal button in the Parent Box (screen above) you will see it takes you to your LOD file you added in part 1. (in my case it was 6433). You should not have to change anything here – if you have too it probably means you have screwed up somewhere along the line.


Well believe it or not – but that is basically it !!! Well done – you have successfully added your own model to Falcon 4 !!! (well the worst is done). If you hit the 3D Viewer button you will see the fruits of your labour. Hope this tutorial was useful, if I can find my microphone again, I will get a video tutorial version of this lesson together. Cheers for now …


Greg ‘Mad Dog’ McEwan

aaaah here is a cool video 


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